Tirot Sing Memorial College

Affiliated To
North Eastern Hill University For Under Graduate Courses & Meghalaya Board of School for Higher Secondary Courses

about our College

Tirot Sing Memorial College was established on July31,1981 by the Leader and elders of HimaNongkhlaw and the people of Mairang to provide educaton to the needy and to cater to the needs of the people surrounding the area of Mairang and the West Khasi Hills District as a whole.It was named after a great freedom fighter of HimaNongkhlaw "U Tirot Singh" in order to preserve the heroic spirit of Tirot Singh as well as an inspiration to the youth and particularly the students community. The college not only aims at imparting education to the students but to imbibe in them spiritual, moral, and ethical values so that they will become good citizens for better tommorrow.
The college, today stands on the strength of 27 experienced and qualified teachers as well as 6(six) administrative staffs of the college. It also has a full time Librarian with one assistant Librarian. The college provide education to the Higher Secondary and Degree students. The Library is well equipped with a number of books, journals, encyclopedia etc both for degree classes Arts and Commerce including Honours Subjects. It is affiliated to the NEHU and MBOSE.
For an all-round development of the students not only in academic fields, the college promotes sports activities, seminars for lecturers, study tour and other co-curricular activities. It also provideoppurtunities for participation in NSS and NCC programmes. It has a counseling to provide information and scope for the students to choose proper courses of studies for both boys and girls as it is a co-educational institution.
The college is administered by a well constituted Governing Body with representatives from NEHU and the education Deptt. Govt of Meghalaya. The college was recognized by the U.G.C Act of 1956. The motto of the college is “Meet to Learn Depart to Serve”

  1. To mould the students in different aspects of life, Intellectual, Physical, Socially, Morally, and Ethically
  2. To strive for academic excellence and to make education an important tool of social change for a better society and the nation
  3. To create conducive environment where all students get equal exposure
  4. To inculcate a sense of unity inspite of diversity of caste, sex etc


  1. The college aims to provide education to all aspiring students through meaningful academic especially for the economically, under privileged, socially and down trodden sections of the society
  2. It provides knowledge to one and all so that the students community excel in life after completing their studies and find themselves prepared for employment or self-employment avenues
  3. It also aim to tap their talent and potential to the fullest extent possible and to become responsible and productive members of the society as a whole
  4. It encourages to promote, moral, secular and nation building values through respect, protect and to preserve the rich culture of our society
  5. It also helps to create awareness among the students to preserve our environment and to protect and not to destroy our surrounding which includes plants and animals, land and water which are the backbone of human existence

Indian National Anthem

Jana gana mana adhinayaka,Jaya hai
Bharata Bhagya vidhata,
Punjaba Sindhu Gujarata Maratha
Dravida Utkala Banga
Vindhya Hmachala Yamuna Ganga
Uchhala jaladhi taranga,
Tava subha ashisha mage
Gahe tava jaya gatha
Jana gana mangala dayaka, jaya he
Bharata Bhagya vidhata
Jaya he,jaya he,jaya he
Jaya jaya jaya,jaya he

College Anthem

Rise up youths of today
Rise up to a better tomorrow,
Rise up and build a new world
The future is in our hands

Rise up youths of todayv Fight for what is right
If we stand united together
Our future will be bright

Our College bears the name of
U Tirot Sing Syiem,
A fearsome and great warrior
His life, he gave up for our sake.

As we march on in the path
As bearers of the truth,
As builders of tomorrow
The future will be ours

Cho : Let us sing this song together
Let us rejoice at this great hour,
So many years have come , and
We will go on forever

A minimum of 75% to 80% attendane is compulsory for students qualifying to take to promotion, Final Board and University Examination. A students with less attendance and less appearing in both class tests and examination conducted by the college from time to time on different subjects, may be declared by the college authorities from appearing in both Promotion Final Examination conducted by the Board and University
As a means to ensure consistent academic performance of its students, the college conducts regular class tests and examinations to ease the pressure and to ascertain whether they are ready or not to face the promotion and Final examination conducted by the Board and University. These tests are taken into consideration during promotion and selection tests for final University or Board Examination


Higher Secondary

XI(Arts) and XI(Commerce)

B.A(Pass Course)

Compulsory: English, Environmental Studies, M.I.L(Khasi) or Alternative English and Any three of the following: Political Science,Economics,Education,Khasi-SL,History

B.A(Economics Honours)


  1. Economics, History, Political Science
  2. Economics,Political Science, SL
  3. Economics,Political Science,Education

B.A(History Honours)


  1. Economics, History, Political Science
  2. History,Political Science,Education

B.A(Political Science Honours)


  1. Political Science,Economics,History
  2. Political Science,History,Education
  3. Political Science,History,SL

B.A(Education Honours)


  1. Education,Political Science,SL
  2. Education,Political Science,History
  3. Education,Economics,History

B.A(English Honours)


  1. Economics,Political Science,Economics
  2. Education,Political Science,History
  3. Economics,Political Science,History

B.A(Khasi Honours)


  1. Education,History,SL
  2. Political Science,Education,SL
  3. Economics,Education,SL


Each application form must be accompanied by:-

  1. An attested copy of the marksheet of the last examination passed, Internet marksheet will be accepted till the original marksheet is made available
  2. An attested copy of Character Certificates from the institution last attended
  3. An attested copy of Admit Card of the last examination passed
  4. Two recent passport size photographs of the students
  5. Original Transfer Certificates from the School last attended
  6. Original Migration Certificate of students passing from other Boards other than MBOSE
Download Admission Form


  1. SSLC/10thor Equivalent Examination
  2. Minimum 45% marks in aggregate
BA(Pass Course)
  1. HSSLC/12 std or Equivalent Examination
BA(Honours Course)
  1. HSSLC/12 std or Equivalent Examination
  2. Minimum 45% marks in aggregate with 50% marks for the subjects in which honours is to be offered
  1. HSSLC/12 std or Equivalent Examination
  2. Minimum 50% marks in aggregate if the subject is not offered at the (10+2) level. (For honours in English ,50% marks in aggregate is required


  • Principal

    Dr. P.R.LyngdohLyngkhoi
  • English Department

    Smt. Amanda Sawian
  • English Department

    Shri. Andrew Jyrwa
  • Education Department

    Smt. Unity Nylla Bannet Lyngkhoi
  • Education Department

    Smt. Biangtiful Marbaniang
  • Education Department

    Shri. Dr. Rionedy Syiem Sutnga
  • Khasi Department

    Shri. Spitalbor Syiemlieh
  • Khasi Department

    Smt. Kerdalin Nongsiej
  • Khasi Department

    Smt. Lapongnai Chyne
  • Commerce Department

    Smt. Pynbianlin Marbaniang
  • Commerce Department

    Shri. John B. Kharkongor
  • Commerce Department

    Smt. Joplin Syiemlieh
  • Commerce Department

    Smt. Brigida D. Pdah
  • Commerce Department

    Shri. Paia Emdor Lyngdoh Mawnai
  • Political Science Department

    Shri. Kolmon Najiar
  • Political Science Department

    Smt. Balisha Syiem
  • Political Science Department

    Shri. Shailes Nongrang
  • Computer Department

    Shri. Khamtilang Marwein
  • History Department

    Smt. Pamela M.S. Diengdoh
  • History Department

    Smt. Iadei Ladia
  • History Department

    Smt. Dariwanka Suiam
  • Environment Department

    Niadlang Lyngdoh Mawnai
  • Economics Department

    Smt. Thwidalin Wahlang
  • Economics Department

    Smt. Ibalarihun Pakma
  • Economics Department

    Shri. Lambushstar Wahlang
  • Librarian

    Smt. Hilda Mary Jarain
  • Librarian

    Smt. Aitiful Marbaniang


Our Staff

  • Accountant

    Shri. Cossing Kharmawlong
  • Lower Division Clerk

    Smt. Thelma Basaiawmoit
  • Lower Division Clerk

    Smt. Domila L.Nongbri
  • Lower Division Clerk

    Smt. Silvialeen Ibakordor L. Mawphlang
  • Peon

    Shri. Silbinus Basaiawmoit
  • Chowkidar

    Shri. Kynmawsing K.Jana
  • Cleaner

    Smt. Emethys Kurbah


Mairang,West Khasi Hills,Meghalaya
Pincode : 793120
Phone No : 03657-282246
Email Id : tirotsingcollege@rediffmail.com

Mairang,West Khasi Hills,Meghalaya